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The actual problems in dentistry (english version)


 The actual problems in Dentistry

«The actual problems in dentistry» Journal was founded on September 14, 2005. This is a full color issue (format A4; periodicity 6 time a year) of the highest polygraphic quality, with volume of under 80 journal pages. Now the journal is the profile all-Russian issue, which elucidates a wide range of problems in contemporary Dentistry.

The main sections of the Journal are:

  • Therapeutic dentistry,
  • Orthopedic dentistry,
  • Surgical  dentistry,
  • Implantology,
  • Dentistry of childhood and orthodontics,
  • Scientific research in Dentistry,
  • Reports

All the materials being published in our Journal undergo an expertise by editorial council, which consist of professors and teachers as well as leading domestic and foreign specialists in various fields of Dentistry. 

 The circulation of the journal “The actual problems in Dentistry” makes 3000 copies.

 On the site www.dental-press.com the total texts of the journal “The actual problems in Dentistry” are available free of charge. Each of the articles placed on the site you may find according to its title or the authors. Now about 150-200 people visit our site daily.

 The journal  including in system of Russian Science Citation Index since 2010. ISSN 2077-7566. The index of subscription is 80222 in the Central catalogue of the Russian Press Agency.

 The number of Certificate of registration ПИ № ФС77-21986 

Scientific direction of the journal “The actual problems in Dentistry” – 14.00.21 – Dentistry  and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Periodic delivery is performed to the cities of Russia and neighbouring countries.

To take our a subscription for the journal “The actual problems in Dentistry” is possible at the editorial board, also the  subscription may be made on www.dental-press.com, also in the Central catalogue of the Russian Press Agency.

Schedule of  publishing “The actual problems in Dentistry”:

№1: February 
№2: April
№3: June
№4: August
№5: October
№6: December

Our address is: 620014, Ekaterinburg, Lenina Prospect 16 «Department of  Orthopedic  Dentistry»
Telephone: +7(343)311-51-04, +7(908)920-84-78
E-mail: ps-press@mail.ru

Editor in chief: Zholudev Sergey E.







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